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  1. Hi, I love this blog but I’ve never been able to watch the interview John did with Jimmy Fallon ’cause I’m in the UK:( do you know of anyway I could watch it?

    Thanks x

  2. I am a big fan of John Mayer and I’m here to promote the link of my video for those who enjoy vlogs and enjoys Blues / Folk, is my project that I will be performing in 2015. This is a teaser of my musical project! Who can take a given I thank … and I count on the support of those who enjoy these Muscal effortless style so good to hear …
    Fall within the channel that will have videos every week.
    And who is a musician and enjoy the musical style, I will make good partnerships also…

    Thank You!!! :D

  3. Hello,

    I’m Patrick from We have over 130 live videos of John Mayer (and counting!), and we thought you might like to use them on your website. They are totally free.

    Our videos are filmed by the fans, and they really give you the feeling of being at the show.

    As an example, here is a show from the Hollywood Bowl last year:

    To embed this video, just hit “pause”, and an embed link will appear. We will have videos from any new shows as they become available.

    If you would like any more information, please contact me.

    Kind regards,

    Patrick Whatman

  4. Hi John , Love your Guitar playing but i are a bigger fan of your guitar tone,
    I recently purchased your Fender Signature strat the sunburst colour , so i have a question , what gauge strings do you use on that particular guitar ?

  5. Hey Mia,
    It’s always so nice discovering websites like these, they absolutely make my day!! And also meeting fellow John Mayer fans!! :D
    btw do we have a name? Like we should be called something just like harry potter fans are called potterheads etc. So what do you think? I can’t come up with a perfect title at the moment, I’m sure you could!! :)
    anyway!! I can’t thank you enough for your website and i love you!! <3
    JCMayer Forever

  6. Just say how much i love your website. It’s completly crazy, but all that you said about John is so right. Thanks for all this photography and the website.

  7. Mia! You may not remember me, but I sent you a long message last year saying how much I adore your website and how I’ve used it ever since 2011. I’ve actually not gone on here for about 8 months and oh my, I forgot how much I loved this place! I just adore the way you get so happy and act like I would :D I remembered about your website because the John Mayer Trio performed last night and I knew you would love it :D So yeah, I’ll be using this website every day again and I just wanted to say thank you for keeping up the terrific work! Easily my favourite wesbite. I’ve just been busy, baha xD Anyway, I hope all is good for you and yay for new John Mayer music coming soon!!! :DD

  8. Hi! Thanks so much for making a John Mayer blog. :) I’m such a huge fan of his music (cliche but true!) so it’s nice to see a blog like yours from another fellow fan!

    I’m looking for the “Heading out west with my headphones on” T-shirt that John wore in the music video for Queen of California, but on John’s site the shirt isn’t in the color or size I want (medium gray). Just wondering if you know of any sites that would also sell it? (the real thing, not a fake..)

    Thanks! Hope you had a Happy New Year. :)


  9. Hi Mia, very nice site :-)

    I wanted to share with you the audio of two great musicians talking about John Mayer.

    John was a guest on a John Scofield album (the iconic jazz guitarist) and I asked him about John Mayer in an interview.

    In 2012 I interviewed Chuck Leavell and he talked at length about how he met John and his musicianship, it was a very interesting story.

    Both are on my new site:

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