John Mayer | CBS Sunday Morning | The Interview

John Mayer | CBS Sunday Morning | The Interview.

John Mayer | CBS Sunday Morning | The Interview | (Air date) February 10, 2012


“Big Sky” country is an ideal escape for a rock star trying to heal. John Mayer recently bought a 15-acre spread along the Yellowstone River in western Montana, between two mountain ranges, the Absaroka Mountains and the Gallatin Range.

John Mayer with Anthony Mason at the singer's 15-acre home in Montana.

“I came out here about a year and a half ago, on my first vocal rest after an operation,” Mayer said.

“I imagine when you were trying not to use your voice, this was a pretty good place to come,” said Mason.

“Oh yeah. Watch movies, cook. Right here. I don’t see how the happiness here doesn’t make it to records…”

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Source | CBS NEWS


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