John Mayer One Forty Plus | 110

Photo: 110 by John Mayer


Originally posted on the wonderful, beautiful John Mayer’s blog: ONE FORTY PLUS.

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John Mayer One Forty Plus | …could this mean??

One Forty Plus - Picture by John

After doing extensive research I have determined this to be a picture of a video camera… and an acoustic guitar on a bed…that’s probably had John Mayer’s body on it. :inlove:

Mm. What… could this mean? No. It cou- could it?!!! ….mean… a new video… for ‘Shadow Days’… just maybe??!!!

Originally posted on John Mayer’s blog: ONE FORTY PLUS .

Hope y’all have John Mayer joyful days !!! :-))

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I have an idea…

With the news about John’s health issue, media focus seems to have shifted off the fact that ‘Shadow Days,’ the first single from ‘Born and Raised,’ just dropped and that tis a bummer.

Shadow Days Cover Art

What ifffffffffffffffffffffffff… everyone who reads this calls their radio station TODAY and request that they play it?

Oh, and mm, maybe we should all have a listen now, too? !!

John Mayer – Shadow Days

Just an idea.

(Anyone impressed by the way I causally used the word “dropped” like I’m the sh*t?)

Toodles for now !!

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